Murder of Ashling Murphy must be catalyst for change

Unite Regional Women’s Committee backs call for single Government department to address violence against women

Trade union Unite, which represents workers throughout Ireland, today (Friday) said that Wednesday’s murder of teacher Ashling Murphy must act as a catalyst for change, and endorsed the call made last month by the National Women’s Council for violence against women to be housed under one Government department.

Commenting, Unite General Secretary Sharon Graham said:

“Aisling Murphy was a young teacher – a worker – out for an afternoon run when she was brutally attacked and murdered. Unite members stand in solidarity with Ashling’s family, community and colleagues.  The best way for us to remember Ashling Murphy is for us to ensure that her murder acts as a catalyst for change”.

Gaye Partridge is chair of Unite’s Regional Women’s Committee and said:

“Women and men throughout Ireland have been shocked at this murder.  Unite fully supports the call by the National Women’s Council, made just over a month ago at the end of the 16 days of action on gender-based violence, for a single Government department to be tasked with addressing violence against women and girls.  The current situation whereby one department is responsible for legislation and policy, and another for frontline services and funding, is failing victims and survivors”.

Taryn Trainor is Unite Regional Women’s and Equalities Officer and said:

“Throughout Ireland, the response to Ashling’s murder can be summed up in a few words:  ‘She was just going for a run’.  We need concerted action to ensure that women can go about their normal lives without being in a constant state of heightened alert – without planning their route for safety, notifying friends and family of their whereabouts, or looking over their shoulder to check for potential threats”, Ms Trainor concluded.

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