Unite members end dock strikes at Foyle Port after scoring double victory in pay dispute

Striking success of industrial action by Foyle dockers and port workers shows that when workers’ fight, they win!

Unite confirmed that its dual strike actions at Foyle Port, involving employees of Londonderry harbour and port commission and Burke Shipping Service, have ended after workers secured a historic double victory in their pay disputes.

Foyle port workers voted to end their strike as they accepted an improved pay offer which conceded their pay claim in full. Burke Shipping dockers also voted to end their strike and accept an improved offer by Fane Valley Co-op – the owners of their employing company – which delivered in full their demands for pay parity.

Sharon Graham, Unite General Secretary, congratulated the workers on scoring a double-victory through a powerful strike action.

This is a tremendous win for our members. Having endured freezing cold and driving rain on long days on picket lines, the workers stood ready to escalate their strike action but their determination led to both employers making offers which met their demands in full.

This is a good news story for workers everywhere in Northern Ireland and shows that there is a power in our union. It confirms yet again that when our members fight in unity for their jobs, pay and conditions they can win.

Unite Regional Officer for the workforce Gareth Scott welcomed the dual victory:

If Christmas has come home early for the dockers at Foyle Port, it only because of the strength and determination they have shown over the last fortnight. On the back of this success I also want to pay tribute to the powerful solidarity which was shown by other workers, trade unionists and indeed the wider community here over the period.

As I have said before, Unite is calling time on the idea that workers from the Northwest can be paid less. On the back of this double pay victory, the demand for decent and equal pay will be carried from this port to workplaces across the region. We are putting low-pay employers on notice that workers here are not going to accept second class pay any more!

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