daa: Unite to ballot for industrial action following management U-turn on Labour Court Recommendation

Company focus on outsourcing agenda unacceptable

Unite, which represents craft workers at Dublin Airport Authority, today (Friday) wrote to the daa informing them of the decision, taken at a General Meeting of members yesterday, to ballot for industrial action up to and including a full withdrawal of labour.

The move follows what Unite Regional Officer Willie Quigley described as a ‘complete U-turn’ by management which has now stated that the daa will not implement the terms of Labour Court Recommendation 22381, including access to options such as  voluntary severance.  The company’s U-turn follows the decision by Unite members to accept the recommendation in a second ballot, following a previous inconclusive ballot.

Commenting, Mr Quigley said:

“Throughout this process, I would contend that the daa has failed to be upfront with our members.  Following confirmation of Unite’s acceptance of LCR 22381, management has suddenly declared its refusal to implement the recommendation and voluntary severance.

“The company is now in contravention of a recommendation which they originally accepted.

“Instead of engaging in good faith, the company has demanded that future engagement be limited to the single topic of outsourcing our members’ work to a third-party service provider.  It is our members’ strong view that the company’s sole focus is on advancing its outsourcing agenda – an agenda which we are not prepared to accept.

“Under current dispute resolution procedures, the company is obliged to engage with Unite on its withdrawal of options and its refusal to implement LCR 22381.

“Given the company’s behaviour and their decision to ignore a Labour Court recommendation, our members yesterday mandated Unite to ballot for industrial action up to and including a full withdrawal of labour. 

“Resolution of this dispute is in the hands of the daa:  Management must stand by its own acceptance of the Labour Court recommendation, including voluntary severance arrangements, and engage with Unite in good faith.  Otherwise, they face the prospect of industrial action”, Mr Quigley concluded.

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