RSA must come clean on IT glitches as records disappear

Unite urges learners to check portal to ensure lessons still recorded

Driving Instructors warn system could be vulnerable to hacking

Trade union Unite, which represents Approved Driving Instructors throughout Ireland, today (Wednesday) called on the Road Safety Authority to engage with instructors and explain why records of lessons completed are ‘going missing’, leaving learners unable to book a test and further increasing the massive test backlog.  Instructors have also expressed concern that the unexplained errors, which appeared after a new IT system was rolled out in January, may indicate that the system is vulnerable to hacking.

Commenting, Unite Regional Officer Jean O’Dowd said:

“Unite members have reported numerous cases where records of completed lessons have suddenly disappeared from the system, leaving learner drivers unable to verify that they have completed the lessons required in order to book a test.   When learners query this, the RSA is simply referring them back to their instructors, but they are not in a position to rectify what is clearly an RSA systems issue.

“The result is that, in addition to an already unacceptable test backlog, some learners now find themselves much further down the queue than they should be.

“As well as repeated system crashes, users have received messages to the effect that ‘your records could be in danger’, leading our members to worry that vulnerabilities could leave the system open to the kind of attack that recently caused havoc in the HSE.

“Unite Driving Instructors are urging all learner drivers to check the portal to ensure that their EDT lessons are still recorded.

“The RSA needs to come clean on the source and extent of these IT issues, and urgently engage with driving instructors to ensure that lessons can be swiftly retrieved in the system so that eligible learners can register for a test. They also need to make it clear to learner drivers that the problems are down to the RSA and that instructors are powerless to resolve them.

“Simply referring frustrated students back to instructors when the problem is clearly rooted in the RSA’s own systems is not good enough and has simply resulted in needless tension between instructors and learners”, Ms O’Dowd concluded.

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