Update: Spike Island workers reinstated

October 1st: “Spike Island Development DAC and UNITE the Union confirm that following a meeting today all issues have been resolved to the satisfaction of the parties. The staff concerned are returning to work for Spike (SIDC) for the remainder of the 2020 season.

Both parties are delighted to have a satisfactory and positive outcome to this matter and look forward to working together for the remainder of the 2020 season. Moreover everyone looks forward to a more successful tourist season in 2021. We all encourage everyone to support the unique experience that is Spike Island Visitor Attraction, a publicly owned exposition of our history and culture that is vital for our workers, Cork Tourism and our local economy.

In the spirit in which the meeting was conducted, and agreement reached, both parties have agreed to make no further comment.”


Contact: Brendan Ogle, Senior Officer – Republic of Ireland, Unite the union

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2 Responses to Update: Spike Island workers reinstated

  1. Gavin Bushe says:

    Victory to the workers!

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