Unite Road Transport and Commercial drivers condemn irresponsible actions of driver allowing children to drive an articulated vehicle on a Northern Ireland motorway

Davy McCord, Chair of Unite’s Road Transport, Commercial, Warehouse and Logistics regional industrial committee condemned recent reckless and sickening abuse of children forced to drive an articulated vehicle which was caught on video.

“Recent videos appearing on the news and on social media appear to show minors driving articulated vehicles on a motorway. We condemn such irresponsible actions by the drivers concerned. These disgraceful actions put the public at risk entirely unnecessarily and constituted an abuse of the children involved.

“As a group of professional drivers we seek to promote safe driving and ensure no one is put at risk on our roads by irresponsible, so-called ‘professional’ drivers. These actions not only put other road users at risk but also put the minors involved at risk.

“These reckless actions could have had devastating consequences on the lives of so many people and similar actions must not be allowed to continue. Drivers like this give the rest of our profession a bad name at a time when we are keeping vital supply chains running during this extremely difficult period”, said Mr McCord.

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