Mechanical workers secure agreement with employers following threat of industrial action

Agreement also sends signal to non-mechanical employers

September 18th: Unite, which represents mechanical workers throughout Ireland, today (Friday) said that unions have secured an agreement with employers in the MEBSCA section of the CIF which will ensure payment of agreed pay increases due from September 1st.  These increases will be backdated where appropriate.  Last week, many employers had failed to pay the increases due under a collective agreement.  Unite and Connect conducted protective ballots in which members voted overwhelmingly to take industrial action in the event that any employer failed to pay the agreed increases.  Similar increases fall due in the wider construction sector on October 1st.

Commenting, Unite Regional Officer Tom Fitzgerald said:

“The fact that this agreement was concluded just days after many employers reneged on the agreement to pay a 2.7% increase due on September 1st is due to the determination of Unite and Connect members who voted to take industrial action if any employer failed to honour the agreement.

“Not only does the agreement secured today illustrate the power of workers organising collectively in the workplace:  it also sends a clear signal to non-mechanical employers in the construction sector.  This week saw the conclusion of our protective ballot in the wider construction sector, and 95% of members voted to take action if non-mechanical employers fail to pay the agreed increase due on October 1st.

“The message to employers is clear:  any threat to our members will be met with determined action.  The message to workers is also clear:  by coming together and acting collectively, we can defend and advance our terms and conditions of employment”, Mr Fitzgerald concluded.

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