Solidarity rally to demand St Mary’s and other Sisters of Charity facilities remain open and provide continuity of care to residents

WHAT: Socially-distanced protest to demand Caritas and St Mary’s centres remain open                                                               
WHERE: St Mary’s Centre Nursing Home, Merrion Road, Dublin 4

WHEN: TOMORROW 1pm, Wednesday August 26th 2020

Unite Regional Officer, Willie Quigley, called for the public to back struggling workers in their socially-distanced protest tomorrow [Wednesday August 26th] against the looming closure of care facilities formerly operated by the Sisters of Charity.

“Unite is encouraging members of our union and the general public to come along tomorrow and show their solidarity with St Mary’s workers protesting to keep the facility open, and Caritas workers seeking decent treatment.

“These workers have stood for weeks and months at the forefront of the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic but now they have been forced onto the streets to defend the right of vulnerable residents to continuity of care at these facilities.

“They are also fighting for their rights; workers not only face the threat of joblessness but the denial of basic redundancy entitlements.

“The Save St Marys Campaign has been invited to join tomorrow’s socially-distanced protest and we need the public to mobilise behind the workers’ fight. It is simply unconscionable that vulnerable residents will be uprooted and left anxious, facing an uncertain future, in the midst of the most severe pandemic in a century

“The State has a responsibility to all residents in Section 39 facilities. They must take that responsibility seriously and ensure, as a first priority, that all Sister of Charity residents have continuity of care – that means intervention to keep these facilities open”, Mr Quigley said.

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