Road Safety Authority flunks Covid-safety test

Unite logo white out of redUnite says Driving Instructors locked out of hand hygiene

August 20th:  Unite, which represents Driving Instructors throughout Ireland, has accused the Road Safety Authority of locking instructors out of hand hygiene since the resumption of driving tests.  Pointing out that, during the Covid-19 pandemic, driving instructors have been prohibited from entering the test centre buildings to wash their hands, use toilet facilities or shelter from the elements, Unite Regional Officer Jean O’Dowd today (Thursday) accused the RSA of “flunking the Covid-safety test”.

“Unite has been in contact with the RSA, HSE, HSA as well as TDs and Ministers about this issue – but so far the RSA won’t engage meaningfully with us.  By refusing to provide the most basic hygiene facilities and engage with workers, the RSA has flunked the Covid-safety test”, Ms O’Dowd said.

The chair of Unite’s Driving Instructors branch, Dominic Brophy, added:

“The lack of access to hygiene facilities would be bad enough enough during normal times, but during a pandemic it is simply unacceptable.  The RSA’s claim that locking driving instructors out of hand hygiene is for health & safety reasons during Covid-19 is risible and makes zero sense in terms of cross-contamination. The RSA have no issues being in cars with successive students, but they won’t let us wash our hands or shelter from the rain”.

Jean O’Dowd concluded:

“The Road Safety Authority needs to live up to its name, provide driving instructors with guidelines regarding Covid-19 and ensure that our members can observe the most basic of hygiene requirements”.

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