Government must secure continuity of care provision for residents at Sisters of Charity facilities

Unite the union joins SIPTU, the INMO and Forsa trade unions in demanding the Health Service Executive protect services for residents and families

Staff who have stood heroically on frontline in the fight against Covid now face losing their jobs without fair redundancy

Unite Regional Officer, Willie Quigley, was keen that his union would add its voice to those of SIPTU, the INMO and Forsa in demanding continued care provision be guaranteed to residents at Sister of Charity facilities in Caritas Convalescent Centre, St. Mary’s Centre Telford and St. Monica’s Nursing Home in Dublin.

“The State has a responsibility to all residents in Section 39 facilities and they must take that responsibility seriously. They must now intervene, engaging with all parties to ensure as a first priority that all Sister of Charity residents continue to receive care provision in situ.

“For years many of these vulnerable residents have called these centres home, the idea of uprooting them and leaving them and their families facing an uncertain future, at a time of mounting COVID concerns, is both callous and cruel.

“The Health Services Executive (HSE) which has funded these facilities has completely failed to provide any clear direction and left both residents and their families in the dark about the future – causing unnecessary anxiety.

“The HSE must now step up to ensure continuity of care to residents and families that means engaging with all stakeholders including patient advocacy groups and the relevant trade unions. The Health Services Executive and the Sisters of Charity should live up to their names, stop hiding behind company structures and Chinese walls and deliver for residents and their families

“While the overriding priority must be securing continuity of care. It is vital that we see all staff who face the threat of joblessness guaranteed fair redundancies payments. These are workers who have selflessly and heroically stood at the frontline throughout the Covid crisis – it is unconscionable that government would sit back and allow them to be mistreated and abused in this manner”, Mr Quigley said.

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2 Responses to Government must secure continuity of care provision for residents at Sisters of Charity facilities

  1. Marie Creed says:

    I worked in st Monica’s nursing home for 23years and retired last year I went back to work in February and I worked all true the covied and that’s the thanks I got

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