Hastings job losses reversed, other hospitality bosses must do likewise

Living Wage meetUnite warns government: workers must not pick up bill for pandemic

Trade union Unite, which represents hospitality workers throughout Northern Ireland, today (Saturday) welcomed the decision by Hastings Hotels to rescind the notices of termination issued to staff yesterday.  The company’s move follows mounting pressure from workers and their union.  Commenting on the news, Unite hospitality organiser Neil Moore said:

While we welcome this announcement by Hastings Hotels, we are still waiting for confirmation that staff will not see either their hours or pay cut.

“During the COVID-19 emergency, workers are as worried about economic as physical contagion.  It is vital that as many workers as possible are kept in employment pending implementation of the 80% wage compensation programme announced by the Government yesterday.

“This decision by Hastings follows a determined campaign by Unite to protect hospitality jobs.  Once again this case illustrates the importance of union membership, especially for workers in sectors such as hospitality which are characterised by precariousness and poor working conditions.

“This comes after the announcement of 800 layoffs in the Beannchor Group, one of NI’s largest hospitality businesses setting off a ‘domino effect’ throughout the industry. The likes of Beannchor must reverse their decisions and ensure all of their staff are paid fully during this period of crisis.


“Unite is determined to ensure that workers do not pick up the bill for this pandemic and we will not hesitate to call out employers who take advantage of this situation”, Neil Moore concluded.

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