Chancellor’s welcome commitments on wage-supports must be extended to workers on zero-hours contracts and self-employed

Unite 0014Measures confirm Chancellor has listened to the case presented by Unite and other trade unions for urgent and bold action

Commitment reflects needs of the moment and the strength of workers’ demand for protection in face of Coronavirus threat

Unite Regional Secretary Jackie Pollock welcomed the historic and bold measures announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the face of devastating impact Coronavirus has had on the economy.

“This package of measures is welcome and are of a type that have been sought by Unite and other trade unions. Bold action is necessary to protect workers from hardship and to avert an economic depression in the face of the unprecedented threat caused by the Coronavirus.

“The measures announced today are huge – especially for a Conservative government – but reflect the strength of the demand of workers and the trade union movement for urgent and bold action.

“It is now vital that clarity is provided that the wage supports announced will be extended to those who are self-employed and also that a living income is provided to zero-hours workers, based on a simple assessment procedure. Given the pressing nature of the Coronavirus crisis, it is essential that these measures be enacted in a simple, straightforward and above all fast manner. This is the only way to put money into the pockets of the millions who face the threat of destitution.

“Workers will draw strength and confidence from today’s announcement. Never before have we faced a crisis of this nature. The Chancellor has done the right thing and we look forward to engaging further with government both central and regional in the coming days to get this money into the hands of those most in need”, Mr Pollock concluded.

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