Glider service in evenings to be diverted away from Falls Road after latest attacks leaves windows smashed on two gliders

Unite 041To safeguard the safety and welfare of drivers and passengers, after 7pm the Glider service will be diverted from Falls road onto the M1 motorway turning back up at Kennedy way

Continued attacks on Glider threaten a vital service providing connections to most needy at a time of crisis

Unite Deputy Regional Secretary and officer for his union’s members in Translink, Northern Ireland’s public transport provider, Davy Thompson confirmed that evening services of the Glider would be re-routed from the Falls Road after the latest in a series of attacks [yesterday evening] left two vehicles with broken windows.

“Last night’s were only the latest in a series of reprehensible attacks on the Glider service in West Belfast; attacks which threaten the lives of both the travelling public and our members. The drivers and CRPOs have been left with no choice but to divert the Glider service from the Falls Road, where the attack occurred, onto the motorway where the service returns through Kennedy Way. This rerouting will only occur after 7pm in the evening.

“This decision was made in the interests of protecting safety and welfare of both staff and passengers but we recognise that it will result in huge disruption to those living on the Falls Road who use the Glider service. The responsibility for this outcome lies wholly with those who perpetrated these attacks.

“This is a hugely disappointing outcome and one that will only exacerbate the pressures on deprived households throughout the Falls Road area at a time of mounting challenge as a result of the Coronavirus threat. In the coming days, Unite will be seeking urgent meetings with local community representatives, the PSNI and management to seek action to ensure that these attacks will stop and we can safely recommence the service in the evenings”, Mr Thompson said.

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