The hands that built our shipyard: Call for former H&W workers to come to yard tomorrow at noon

H&W iconic picAul’ hands on deck to Save Our Shipyard

When: Sunday August 11th at 12 noon

Where: Harland and Wolff shipyard, Dee Street, Belfast

Former and retired Harland and Wolff workers are invited to come to the shipyard at noon on Sunday August 11th when concrete prints will be made of the ‘hands that built the shipyard’.  The event is part of the ongoing occupation to save jobs and the yard.

Unite shop steward at the shipyard, Joe Passmore said:

“The gesture of concrete hand prints is a testament to the people who built this great industry. The yard means so much to this city and beyond, it needs to be re-nationalised. We need to take ownership. All hands on deck – let’s save our shipyard”.

Unite Regional Coordinating Officer Susan Fitzgerald said that those campaigning to save the yard have been inspired by solidarity from retired workers:

“The massive campaign to save Harland and Wolff has struck a chord with people throughout Belfast and Northern Ireland, including many former and retired workers.  This project reminds us that Harland and Wolff was built by workers’ hands.  We don’t just need to save current jobs:  we also need to pass on skills to a new generation of workers’ hands”.

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