Harland and Wolff: BCC decision sends strong signal to London

Unite logo white out of redDebate highlighted potential to transform iconic shipyard

Government needs to jettison ideological prejudices and throw workers a lifeline

August 2nd:  Unite, which represents workers in Harland and Wolff, today welcomed the decision by Belfast City Council to convene a meeting between Council leaders and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, as well as a forum comprising Invest NI, the Northern Ireland Department of the Economy and the UK Government, in a bid to save the shipyard.  However, Unite Regional Coordinating Officer Susan Fitzgerald warned that, with the yard scheduled to go into administration on Monday, time is running out:

“The level of support workers have received over the past week, as well as the support among councillors today, shows that Belfast is determined to save our shipyard.  The question is whether London is listening, or is Boris Johnson’s government prepared to let Harland and Wolff sink?

“Workers appreciated the chance to put their case to the Council, and the debate showed that there is a wealth of ideas to not only save Harland and Wolff, but transform it into a world-leading green innovation centre.

“Rather than throwing Harland and Wolff overboard, the Government needs to jettison its own ideological prejudices and throw the yard a lifeline.  Renationalisation would allow a sustainable plan to emerge”, Ms Fitzgerald said.

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