Vote by Westminster in support of Marriage Equality and Reproductive Choice is a historic victory for equality campaigners

_TC80104Fears Conservative party may seek to limit or restrict impact of decisive Westminster votes

Unite Regional Equalities & Women’s Officer, Taryn Trainor, welcomed the vote by Westminster to adopt an amendment into the second reading of the Northern Ireland (Executive ) bill which will extend the right to marriage to same-sex couples.

“Last night’s vote in the Commons to extend marriage equality and abortion access to Northern Ireland is a historic victory for the large majority of people here who want to see change. It is also a victory for the tens of thousands who have been campaigning hard on these issues for many years and absolutely to be celebrated.

“But the fight isn’t over. The Tories will seek to minimise the impact of the abortion amendment and, of course, should Stormont be re-established, these changes could be reversed.

“In the context where both Tory candidates for leadership have indicated their opposition to this legislation, maximum pressure must be applied to the Tories and local politicians over the next period to demand that marriage equality and broad access to abortion on the NHS become a reality and remain in place permanently.

“The trade union movement will redouble our efforts to campaign for liberalisation and equality”, Ms Trainor said.

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