Unions warn contractors on blacklisting

unite-white-out-of-redJuly 25th: Trade unions Unite and Siptu have issued a joint statement condemning the practice of blacklisting in the construction sector and warning those who engage in what the unions term this “obnoxious behaviour” that they will face a united action against them.

Blacklisting refers to the practice of employers in a sector circulating details of those known to be engaged in trade union activity with a view to preventing their employment in the sector.  The practice is especially widespread in the construction sector, both in Ireland and internationally.

Commenting, Unite Regional Officer for Construction Tom Fitzgerald said:

“Blacklisting is especially prevalent in the context of disputes, such as the recent crane operators’ dispute between Unite and members of the CIF, and involves employers exchanging information to prevent known union activists being employed in the sector.

“When employers join together to victimise workers, unions must join together to defend them – and that is precisely what both unions are doing in the face of the current scourge of blacklisting.

“In the words of the statement issued to all major construction companies, contractors and agencies by the two unions’ General Secretaries:  ‘We are putting on notice any employer who we believe to be engaged in this obnoxious behaviour will face a united action against them’

“I would also urge the Government to bring in effective legislation to combat blacklisting and provide redress for workers affected”, Tom Fitzgerald concluded.

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