Crane operators: Unite members vote to endorse union agreement

unite-white-out-of-redVote paves way for Registered Employment Agreement

July 17th: Crane operators are on the way to improved terms and conditions after members voted to endorse an agreement between Unite and Siptu paving the way for both unions to work towards a Registered Employment Agreement.

The agreement was negotiated between the General Secretaries of both unions, and put to a ballot of Unite members who voted unanimously to endorse the agreement. The agreement also includes a joint statement from the two General Secretaries, set to be issued to major contractors in the sector, condemning blacklisting.

Welcoming the vote, Unite Regional Officer for Construction Tom Fitzgerald said:

“This agreement enshrines the fundamental principle that workers should be able to freely choose the union representing them.  It commits both unions to working for the early establishment of a Registered Employment Agreement for crane operators, ensuring that pay increases and other terms and conditions are enshrined in law. Significantly, it includes a condemnation of blacklisting in the sector, a practice that Mr Fitzgerald said remains a feature of the sector.

“Now that our members have endorsed the agreement, Unite’s focus will be on working with the rest of the trade union movement to ensure that the fruits of the current construction boom are shared among all workers in the sector, including crane operators”, Tom Fitzgerald concluded.

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2 Responses to Crane operators: Unite members vote to endorse union agreement

  1. Jim Quinn says:

    I assume commendation is a misprint ? Condemnation surely

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