Win for Mechanical Workers as new SEO signed


unite-white-out-of-redNew rates come into force this week 

Unite pledges to continue travel fight

March 9th: Unite has welcomed the new Sectoral Employment Order (SEO) signed this week, which governs the terms and conditions, including pensions, of mechanical workers in the construction industry, under the terms of which mechanical workers will receive €23.60 per hour.  Unite pledged to build on the achievement by working to ensure that travel payments for mechanical workers are enshrined in future SEOs.

Commenting, Unite Regional Officer Tom Fitzgerald said:

“The news that the mechanical SEO has been signed by Minister Pat Breen is a win for mechanical workers across the economy, as well as in the construction sector.  In addition to copper-fastening mechanical workers’ position as the top earners in the sector, it provides for increased apprentice payments and regulates pensions”.

Tom Fitzgerald noted that the new rates come into force on Tuesday March 6th.

“While we welcome this week’s news, Unite remains disappointed that travel payments are not included in the Order.  Obviously, workers will retain the payments they currently hold under other agreements, but we will continue to fight for travel payments to be included in future SEOs governing the sector.

“Unite was instrumental in achieving this new SEO, which once again illustrates the value of being collectively organised in a strong union.

“The trade union movement has long argued that construction jobs must be good jobs if the sector is to be sustainable in the long term.  The SEO signed this week goes a long way towards attaining that objective, and Unite will continue working to build on this achievement”, Tom Fitzgerald said.

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