Unite in the community activists launch North Antrim Anti-Drugs initiative with support of Billy Burns

albert-hewitt1Billy Burns, father of drugs victim Jamie Burns, and initiator of the #OnePillWillKill campaign attends launch event in Ballymoney

#OnePillWillKill leaflets distributed to housing estates in towns across North Antrim

February 8th: Unite Community Coordinator, Albert Hewitt, welcomed the initiative of Unite in the community members in North Antrim who over the last weekend launched an anti-drugs initiative:

“Members of unite in the community in North Antrim recently launched an anti-drugs information drive. They took inspiration from the example of the Burns family who single-handedly launched the #OnePillWillKill campaign after the death of their son Jamie Burns in North Belfast. The activists have produced leaflets and posters highlighting the threat to life posed by drugs and have taken the message around the doorsteps of North Antrim.

“We were honoured that Billy Burns, Jamie’s father took the time to attend and speak at the launch of this initiative. We want to get the message out to young people – that all it takes is one pill to kill. You can’t be sure that it won’t be the first one you ever take – as it was in the case of Jamie Burns”, Mr Hewitt said.

North Antrim Unite in the community activist, Jim Wright, spoke at the launch event:

“Drugs are a scourge to our society. We want to get the word out to young people that One Pill Will Kill – we don’t want any more families to suffer this loss. There’s so much for our young people to live for – drugs offer nothing but a threat to life”, he said.

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