Nu-Track worker wins compensation for ‘unfair dismissal’

Mark PearsonUnite claims Tribunal decision shows benefit of union membership

Unite Regional Officer, George Brash, welcomed the decision of the Employment Tribunal which found that a Unite shop steward at Nu-Track had been unfairly dismissed by the employer in January 2017.

“The Industrial Tribunal found that Mark Pearson a Unite Shop Steward had been unfairly dismissed by Nu-Track management in January 2017. As a result the worker, Mark Pearson, who has since found employment elsewhere, was awarded a compensation payment of more than £4,160.

“We’d like to thank our legal team at Donnelly & Kinder who defended our members involved in this case.

“This decision by the Industrial Tribunal and the compensation paid to our member shows the benefit of being part of a ‘fight-back’ union like Unite which has the resources necessary to defend our members and representatives in cases such as this.

“In the aftermath of this decision by the Tribunal, Unite’s presence has been solidified at Nu-Track and throughout the wider Wrightbus group”, Mr Brash concluded.

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