Health and social care workers: Discrimination against Section 39 staff must end

unite-white-out-of-redUnite set to support any SIPTU action to secure equality of treatment

December 8th: Trade union Unite, which represents some employees providing social care in Section 39 agencies, has said today that its members would fully support any industrial action taken by SIPTU in a bid to secure equality of treatment.  Regional Officer Willie Quigley said that Unite members, like their SIPTU colleagues, are frustrated at the continuing failure to equalise pay for workers in State-aided organisations providing health and social care services, bringing Section 39 bodies into line with those working for Section 38 agencies who are funded by the HSE.

“By refusing to extend the same pay and terms to Section 39 workers who provide the same vital health and social care services as their Section 38 colleagues, the Government is flouting the basic principle of ‘equal pay for equal work’.

“Unite members working for Section 39 bodies share the frustration of their SIPTU colleagues and will fully support any industrial action taken to secure equal treatment”, Willie Quigley said.

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