Flash stoppages by baggage handlers confirmed at Belfast City Airport

George BrashUnite serves Swissport with notice of industrial action plans commencing Monday October 23rd

Swissport management must act now to avoid disruption to travelling public

Confirming that his union had served notice to Swissport of the times and dates of planned flash stoppages by employees, including baggage-handlers, Unite Regional Industrial Officer, George Brash said:

“The failure of Swissport management to take seriously the concerns of its workforce over their anti-union actions has left Unite with no alternative but to confirm industrial action at Belfast City Airport starting from Monday October 23rd. The action planned will involve a continuous work-to-rule alongside daily flash stoppages. 

“Swissport bosses appear confident that they can mitigate the impact of a strike through the use of strike-breakers but our action has been designed to frustrate their efforts. Management need to get real about the concerns of our members. They will not be walked over – they need to drop their anti-union stance, sit down and negotiate a way forward with us.  

“The planned strike action follows a clear vote in favour in a secret ballot;  sixty percent voted for action in defence of their union-rep who was dismissed by management as part of a sustained campaign targeting him for his trade union activities.  

“Our representative has faced continued hostility from management up to, and including, inequitable treatment by comparison with co-workers on several occasions. The members, Unite in Northern Ireland and our UK-wide National Negotiating Committee are unequivocal in our support for this member. The actions of Swissport management in his regard are indefensible. 

“Unite does not want to cause unnecessary disruption to the travelling public but we have been left with no alternative but to follow-through on strike action in the absence of a positive response from Swissport management. The right to collective organisation and active membership of a trade union is a fundamental human right. Our union will not sit back and watch as one of our members is targeted in this way. In our unity, there is strength”, Mr Brash finished.

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