Crane dispute: Unite warns further escalation on the cards

unite-white-out-of-redCrane operators frustrated at lack of meaningful engagement 

Nationwide stoppage marks fourth day of industrial action

August 4th: Unite, which represents over 90% of crane operators in Ireland, today warned that the dispute could escalate in the absence of meaningful engagement by the Construction Industry Federation.  Today’s nationwide stoppage marked the fourth day of industrial action in the dispute.

Speaking on a picket line in Ballsbridge this morning, Unite Regional Officer for Construction Tom Fitzgerald said:

“Today’s solid picket again illustrated our members’ determination to secure wage rates which accurately reflect not only their skills and levels of responsibility, but also the recovery in the construction sector.

“Crane operators are frustrated at the lack of meaningful engagement from the Construction Industry Federation, and there is a very real danger that this dispute could escalate further.

“A resolution of this dispute is in the CIF’s hands.  They owe it to their own members to sit down and engage constructively and collectively with us”, Tom Fitzgerald said.

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