Crane operators to tell CIF tomorrow: Stop taking the Mickey!

unite-white-out-of-redWorkers to demonstrate at Construction House tomorrow (Friday), 11.30 am – 1.30 pm

Action follows inconclusive WRC talks, commencement of industrial action

July 20th: Following the inconclusive break-up of talks at the WRC today, Unite crane operators will tomorrow (Friday July 21st) take their demands to the gates of the CIF.  In response to CIF chief Tom Parlon’s claim that Irish cranes are ‘Mickey Mouse’, the demonstration will have an appropriate theme with Unite crane operators telling the CIF: ‘Stop taking the Mickey!’

Unite represents over 90 per cent of crane operators in Ireland, and members will be available for interview at tomorrow’s event.

Tomorrow’s demonstration will mark the commencement of industrial action, which had been deferred for a week to facilitate talks at the WRC. 

The event will take place tomorrow (Friday) at Construction House, Canal Road, Dublin 6, from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm.

While tomorrow marks the start of the union’s industrial action against CIF firms, it was decided to hold a demonstration rather than picket individual firms to minimise disruption in the sector and inconvenience to other construction workers.  However, it is likely that pickets will be placed on relevant CIF firms next week.

Commenting on the inconclusive break-up of talks at the WRC today, Unite Regional Officer for Construction Tom Fitzgerald said:

“It was disappointing that we did not make progress at the WRC today and that the talks broke up without conclusion.  We note, however, that the WRC remains available to assist in resolving this dispute.

“Unite is especially disappointed that the CIF is continuing its attempt to introduce extraneous issues into a dispute that is essentially about the legitimate pay demands of our members.  In particular, we would stress that the Sectoral Employment Order recommended earlier this week – which lays the basis for some workers actually losing 2.5% or more in pay – does not meet the needs either of crane operators or of other grades”, Tom Fitzgerald said.

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