From ‘Lunatics’ to ‘Mickey Mouse’: Parlon’s industrial relations approach damaging to construction sector

unite-white-out-of-redCrane strike resumes today, CIF sites to be picketed from Friday

July 11th: Unite, which represents approximately 170 crane operators currently engaged in industrial action, today said that the industrial relations approach adopted by CIF Director-General Tom Parlon was damaging to the construction sector and CIF members. The union was responding to Mr Parlon’s weekend comments in which the CIF chief said that Irish cranes are ‘Mickey Mouse’ compared to those in other cities and that crane operation is not ‘rocket science’.

Commenting, Unite Regional Secretary Jimmy Kelly said:

“Trade unionists still remember Mr Parlon’s remarks branding electricians as ‘lunatics’ during a previous dispute, and his decision over the weekend to run down both the Irish construction sector and our members does not bode well for resolution of this dispute.

“At a time when construction sector profits have doubled since 2012 while wages remain below 2004 levels in real terms, our members are determined to ensure that construction workers share in the sector’s recovery and that crane operators’ wages reflect the levels of skill and responsibility involved in the job.

“Our members’ overwhelming vote to extend our industrial action to relevant CIF sites stems from their frustration at the CIF’s refusal to engage. Mr Parlon’s remarks over the weekend have simply hardened our members’ resolve, and are damaging to the construction sector, the CIF and the companies Mr Parlon represents”, Jimmy Kelly said.

Unite is today (Tuesday July 11th) picketing the Gem site at the Bridewell, and pickets on relevant CIF sites will start from Friday 14 July.

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