UK Parliamentary election result is a decisive rejection of failed austerity politics

Unite 007Unite will continue to campaign against Tory cuts and for a programme of economic investment

Young voters responded to Labour’s progressive manifesto which offered hope for a generation abandoned by politicians for far too long

June 9th: Jimmy Kelly, Unite Regional Secretary, responded to the outcome of the UK general election which saw the Conservative party lose their overall majority in parliament.

“Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap election in order to secure a large majority in order to deliver another five years of austerity, attacks on workers and a Tory hard Brexit. She called this election expecting a landslide at a time when polls showed her party holding a lead of more than twenty percent over Labour.

“Today’s results represent a sharp rebuke to Tory arrogance; far from securing a large majority, the Conservatives will return to parliament as a minority.

“The Conservative offering included attacks on pensions, a dementia tax and nothing for young people – with only the promise of further tax cuts for the richest.

“By comparison Labour’s manifesto spoke to the reality lived by communities up and down the country. Voters responded positively to a message of hope and unity. The young in particular turned out in unprecedented numbers in support of an optimistic and transformational programme. Labour offered hope for a generation who have been abandoned by politicians for far too long.

“This vote is a decisive rejection of the failed neoliberal policies which have undermined public services, lowered wages and led to economic stagnation.

“Unite opposes any propping up of a government hell-bent on attacking workers’ rights and the poor. For our part, we reaffirm our intent to continue campaigning to defeat austerity, to demand real investment for our economy and a future for young people, as well as a Brexit deal that secures workers’ jobs and rights.

“This election result throws into sharp relief the necessity for both leading parties in Northern Ireland to come together to ensure that the needs and interests of this region are secured at this time of challenge and uncertainty. We need a functioning Executive to invest in our public services and economy and negotiate the best possible Brexit deal for all our futures”, Mr Kelly concluded.

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  1. Couldn’t have a better representative Leo is fantastic at what he does

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