Bus Eireann: Protest action was motivated by justifiable anger

unite-white-out-of-redRoss bears full responsibility for morning transport chaos

March 31st: Trade union Unite, which represents craft workers in Bus Eireann, has stressed that this morning’s protest action was down to the ‘justifiable anger’ felt by Bus Eireann workers at the ongoing refusal by Transport Minister Shane Ross to intervene in the Bus Eireann dispute, which is now in its eighth day.

Unite Regional Secretary Jimmy Kelly stated:

“This morning’s protest action in support of Bus Eireann workers came as no surprise to unions who have been struggling with our members’ justifiable anger at the continued refusal by Minister Ross to do his job and intervene in the Bus Eireann dispute – a dispute rooted in the unilateral imposition of cuts to our members’ terms and conditions.

“The demonstration of support by Dublin Bus and Iarnrod Eireann workers earlier this morning is due not only to commendable solidarity with their Bus Eireann colleagues, but also an awareness that the treatment being meted out to Bus Eireann workers could spread to other CIE companies.

“Unite is again calling on the Minister to start doing his job and intervene to get Bus Eireann back to the negotiating table.

“The travelling public needs to be very clear that Minister Ross bears full responsibility for this morning’s transport chaos”, Mr Kelly concluded.

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