Trinity College needs tutoring in industrial relations

unite-white-out-of-redUnite disappointed at TCD decision to downgrade contracts, halt promotions

 Support and service staff hit by new arrangements while academics spared

January 18th: Unite, which represents support and service staff in Trinity College Dublin, today expressed disappointment at the renowned university’s decision to unilaterally halt future promotions for support and service staff, while also employing future staff on five-year instead of permanent contracts.

Commenting, Unite Regional Officer Brendan Byrne said:

“Trinity College clearly needs tutoring in industrial relations.  This unilateral management diktat indicates a worrying lack of respect for the College’s non-academic staff.  It seems that TCD is intent on further widening the gulf between academic staff on the one hand, and support and service staff on the other.

“A general meeting of support and service staff was organised jointly by Unite and SIPTU last week and attendees were extremely angry with college management.  Union members will be working to overturn this decision and to ensure that all decisions about future terms and conditions are made in full consultation with the workers and their representatives.

“We will be happy to provide the tutorials in industrial relations which TCD management clearly needs”, Mr Byrne concluded.

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