ASTI lockout marks new phase in Government campaign to divide workers

unite-white-out-of-redUnite warns that workers are united in demand for LRA renegotiation

November 7th: Unite today expressed solidarity with ASTI members who have been effectively locked out of their jobs in what Regional Secretary Jimmy Kelly described as a “new phase in the Government’s campaign to divide workers”.

“Just days after the Government negotiated a deal with members of the Gardai, spelling the beginning of the end for the Lansdowne Road Agreement, they decided to make an example of ASTI members by effectively locking them out of their workplaces.

“However, this new phase in the Government’s campaign to divide and conquer workers is unlikely to prove successful.  Workers in the public sector are increasingly united in their demand for an early renegotiation of the Lansdowne Road Agreement.

“Rather than locking out teachers at the expense of students’ education, the Government’s focus should be on negotiating a new agreement which fully reflects the vital work performed by public sector workers”, Jimmy Kelly said.

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