Castle Court cleaners to be balloted on strike action over night shift redundancies

unite-white-out-of-redRobinson’s Services workers to be balloted following eight unnecessary redundancies

Under management proposals cleaners on minimum wage would be expected to pay for taxis home at 3am

April 14th: Davy Edmont, Unite officer for Robinson’s cleaning staff working in the Castle Court shopping centre in Belfast has confirmed his union will be commencing a ballot on strike action tomorrow (Friday April 15th):

“Tomorrow (Friday April 15th) Unite is opening a two-week ballot on strike action by Robinson’s Service staff who work at Castle Court over management proposals which will force up to eight workers into redundancy.

“The dispute centres on four night shift workers who have already been dismissed for refusing to work the new night shift. It is likely another four more workers will be made redundant after they work their notice.

“The workers concerned refused to transfer onto a 7pm to 3am shift as this would have left them dependent on calling taxis to get home due to the absence of public transport at that hour. These are workers getting paid the legal minimum by the company – they simply couldn’t afford to accept this change.

“As a result of management intransigence, we are balloting all twenty-five members who work as cleaners in Castle Court – the overwhelming majority of the workforce.

“Should strike action be supported, the absence of these workers will leave Castle Court without cleaners and could close the building. Unite will be putting pickets outside the building.

“Robinson’s Service management have brought this situation on themselves through their unreasonable demands on these workers. It is not too late for management to reconsider their approach, to reinstate all those who have been forced out and to make an offer to cover the additional costs associated with their proposals”, Mr Edmont concluded.

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