Staff in Sean Graham bookmakers to be balloted on strike action

DMM1Ballot on industrial action follows unanimous (100%) rejection of pay offer

Strike dates potentially under consideration by Unite include 15th and 18th of March

February 14th: Davy McMurray, Unite officer with responsibility for the union’s membership in Sean Graham bookmakers has called on management to urgently address the issues of poverty pay and staff security ahead of a ballot on strike action:

“Unite is disappointed at management intransigence and their refusal to address the issue of poverty pay among their workforce.

“Over the past few months, we have highlighted issues of concern for our members working for Sean Graham bookies across Northern Ireland such as the absence of protective barriers to ensure staff security and the absence of overtime rates or any recompense for unsocial working hours. We have demanded action on the poverty pay rates which management expect workers to live on.

“Management’s response has been to point to, and rely upon, the increase coming in April of this year in the legal minimum which can be paid to workers. This pay insult was rejected unanimously by our membership in a consultative ballot taken on the offer.

“Unite is now proceeding to ballot our members on industrial action. Dates currently under consideration for potential strike action include March 15th and 18th. Ahead of this ballot, we are asking management to adopt a more enlightened approach, to demonstrate that they value the vital role staff play in their business’ success and meaningfully address the issue of poverty pay”, Mr McMurray concluded.

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