Ballymena Rallies For A Future with a special message from Liam Neeson

A video message from Ballymena's Laim Neason for the "jobs rally".

Ballymena star says he is 100% behind campaign and assures his continued support

Rally is addressed by a series of speakers representing local workers, local young people and a representative of the Save Our Steel campaign in Britain

February 6th: Ireland Secretary of Unite, Jimmy Kelly, congratulated the local organisers of today’s Rally For A Future in Ballymena demanding action to secure investment and jobs for the town.

“I want to congratulate those local activists who initiated this campaign. They have showed that working people can make a difference.

“Today workers, students, traders and employers in Ballymena have demonstrated that they stand as one in the demand for jobs and investment.

“I also want to particularly thank Liam Neeson who sent a special message of support to the Rally. He has gone the extra mile and demonstrated his commitment to his hometown with real passion.

“This Rally sends the strongest possible signal to our political leaders that we need action to secure large-scale foreign investment to fill the gap left with the loss of Michelin and JTI-Gallaher.

“We will continue to build this campaign in partnership with the local community holding people’s assemblies to consider our next steps and put the hard questions to our politicians.

“We will hold Invest NI and Ministers accountable for their promises over the last weeks – they will be judged on their delivery”, Mr Kelly concluded.

In his message of support sent from New York, Liam Neeson said:

“Without opportunity our incredible confident, talented and educated young people will be forced to leave taking their skils and creative potential away. Today’s rally for jobs and a future shows the people of Ballymena won’t let that happen. Today is the start of the fightback.

“Let this be the first day in a campaign that wins; a campaign that delivers for everyone in our town, for all traditions and backgrounds; a campaign that lights the path forwards for everyone in Northern Ireland”, he continued.

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