Liam Neeson records personal appeal for attendance at Ballymena Rally For A Future

Ballymena Liam Neeson resizedFebruary 4th: Regional Secretary of Unite, Jimmy Kelly called on the public to come out in large numbers to show their support for Rally For A Future after the campaign received celebrity endorsement by Ballymena star, Liam Neeson OBE:

“We are honoured that Liam has taken the time out from his busy schedule to produce a video message calling for attendance for Saturday’s Rally in Ballymena.

“Saturday is a chance for everyone to lend their voice to the call for action to secure investment and much needed jobs for the town.

“This campaign – an initiative taken and led by workers facing redundancy in Michelin and JTI-Gallaher – has won the backing of stars like Liam Neeson and James Nesbitt as well as securing the support of the Ballymena Chamber of Commerce, sports clubs and training agencies based in the town.

“Ahead of Saturday’s rally, there is a real surge in support for the demand for our Ministers and those charged with responsibility for economic development to act and secure the jobs that are desperately needed”, Mr Kelly concluded.

The video of Liam Neeson calling on attendance at the Rally For A Future is available here.

Rally For A Future will be held at Ballymena on 12pm, Saturday February 6th.




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