Unite Regional Chair says Lurgan rioting divisive, futile and must stop

unite-white-out-of-redWorking people must redouble our efforts and focus on what unites us

Progressive change requires political engagement says Gallagher

January 26th: Speaking after this week’s meeting of Unite’s Irish Executive Committee, the union’s Regional Chairperson, Liam Gallagher, expressed disappointment at last Sunday’s rioting in Lurgan which, he said, not only had the potential to cause loss of life but also impacted on workers and local residents.

“While it is fortunate that no-one was injured last Sunday, the disturbances shut down the Dublin-Belfast rail line and also caused considerable distress to local residents.

“Incidents like these are deeply counterproductive; they entrench division and their impact is felt hardest in working class communities.

“Progress can best be achieved by engaging in the political process, or by engaging with civil society organisations such as Unite in the Community. Together, working people have struggled to put the past behind us and we need to redouble our efforts to focus on what unites us.

“I very much hope, as do the vast majority of Unite members in Northern Ireland, that last Sunday’s events will not be repeated in Lurgan or elsewhere”, Mr Gallagher said.

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