Bord na Mona/Anua: Labour Court recommendation sends welcome signal

unite-white-out-of-redCourt rules that Anua closure should not result in compulsory redundancies

November 3rd: Unite today welcomed the Labour Court recommendation that no compulsory redundancies should result from the closure of Bord na Mona Environmental Limited (trading as Anua). The court also ruled that, in the event of redeployment, the workers affected should enjoy no less favourable terms than those that currently apply to them.

Commenting, Unite Regional Officer Ed Thompson said:

“At a time when Bord na Mona is facing into a period of considerable change, today’s ruling is very welcome in terms not only of job security, but also in terms of certainty regarding their terms and conditions.

“For some time now, Bord na Mona management and the Group of Unions have been engaged in very difficult negotiations to address the knock-on effects of the end of the Public Service Obligation Levy and the resultant fall in revenue. Throughout, the overriding aim of the Group of Unions has been to ensure that any redundancies will be strictly voluntary. In that regard, today’s ruling by the Labour Court sends a very welcome signal at this difficult time”, Mr Thompson concluded.

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