Concern for 140 jobs at Maydown Precision Engineering after redundancies threatened by new owner Schivo NI

unite-white-out-of-redIncoming management have failed to engage with union over threat of redundancies

Union calls for constructive partnership approach to safeguard employment

August 12th: Unite has expressed its disappointment and concern that it has only learnt of the likelihood of redundancies at Maydown Precision Engineering after its members brought in letters issued yesterday (Tuesday 11th August). Philip Oakes, Regional Officer called on the new management to come clean on their plans for the workforce:

“We are very disappointed that the new owners of Maydown Precision Engineering have decided to exclude the union from their plans for redundancies in the workforce. It is unacceptable and a breach of our existing recognition agreement that we only found out about the planned job losses when members came forward with letters from management.

“Unite was hoping that the acquisition of Maydown by Schivo NI would mean a better working relationship with the union. Unfortunately, instead workers have been issued letters warning about unspecified numbers of job losses at the company which raises serious concerns for the future.

“Unite is asking that incoming management come clean on their plans and engage with the union as the recognised representative of the workforce. We are committed to playing a positive role in safeguarding jobs and the success of the business in the future.

“Maydown Precision Engineering is a mainstay of the northwest economy and has a vital regional role as a supplier of parts to Bombardier. We are calling on management to reconsider their approach and engage positively; Unite will not be found wanting in working constructively to secure employment at Maydown”, Mr Oakes concluded.

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