Welcoming 2015 Living Wage calculation, Unite reiterates call for €1 increase in Minimum Wage

Living Wage 2015 decal FINALJuly 6th: Unite today welcomed the released of the 2015 Living Wage figure for Ireland, calculated by the Living Wage Technical Group as €11.50 per hour. The union’s Ireland Secretary said that, since its launch last year, the Living Wage has become accepted as a minimum threshold of decency.

“Low pay and in-work poverty are endemic in Ireland. The Living Wage technical Group – of which Unite is a member – has calculated that €11.50 per hour is the minimum wage level needed to sustain a decent standard of living. Too many workers fall well below that threshold of decency.

“Establishing a Living Wage floor would not only benefit workers – it would also benefit businesses up and down the country who rely on the wages in people’s pockets to boost their sales. Unite will continue campaigning to ensure that the Living Wage is implemented as widely as possible and becomes a condition of public procurement.

“One of the strategies to achieve a Living Wage is to raise the Minimum Wage which, as €8.65 per hour, has not been raised since 2007 and is around 25 per cent below the Living Wage. As we stated in our submission to the Low Pay Commission, the Minimum Wage should immediately be increased by €1 per hour”, Jimmy Kelly concluded.

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