Unite suspends strike action in EM News Distribution following pay increase offer


Strike suspended to allow union membership to consider 2.75 per cent pay increase

June 3rd: Unite negotiators have suspended strike action following management offering a significantly improved pay offer in negotiations at the Labour Relations Agency.

The five-hour strike action was due to commence today at EM News Distribution and was likely to result in significant disruption to newspaper and magazine distribution across Northern Ireland.

Unite Regional Officer, Sean Smyth, explained the situation:

“EM News Distribution offered an improved pay increase to its employees – an increase that would be backdated to the beginning of 2014. In order to allow our members to consider the merits of this pay offer and to avoid unnecessary disruption, we have suspended our planned action.

“Industrial action is always a last resort for a trade union but we have been forced into this situation by management threats and their failure to take seriously the issue of poverty pay among their workforce.

“It is unfortunate that management waited until the eleventh hour and the threat of severe disruption to make this improved offer. Such manoeuvres undermine confidence in the company’s ability to deliver. Despite this approach, Unite will continue to attempt to build a positive working relationship with management for the benefit of our members”, Mr Smyth concluded.

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