Noonan’s slur on unemployed can’t mask absence of inclusive recovery

JimmyAccording to Government’s own data, 20 people chasing every vacancy

Unite calls on Minister to withdraw ‘outrageous’ comments

May 7th: In a stinging attack on Finance Minister Michael Noonan, the Ireland Secretary of Unite, Jimmy Kelly, today branded the Minister’s remark that some unemployed are ‘allergic to work’ as ‘outrageous’. Mr Kelly said that Minister Noonan’s slur on the unemployed was designed to mask the absence of an inclusive recovery, and called on the Minister to withdraw his remarks and make a full apology.

“As the Minister well knows, during the height of the boom unemployment fell to negligible levels. Irish people want to work – when there are jobs.

“The Minister’s outrageous claim that some unemployed are ‘allergic to work’, and therefore are not being ‘included in the statistics’, is clearly designed to mask the fact that there is no inclusive recovery.

“According to the Government’s own data, there are 20 unemployed for every job vacancy.  Given the labour shortage among high-tech, high-skilled sectors, the figure in the domestic sectors such as hospitality and retail is likely to be even higher.

“The problem is not that the unemployed are allergic to work. The problem is that there are too few decent jobs are being created, forcing people into long-term unemployment or emigration. The problem is that there is no inclusive recovery – and no amount of Ministerial slurs can mask that fact.

“I am calling on Minister Noonan to withdraw his outrageous comments and make a full apology”, Jimmy Kelly concluded.

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