‘Wage Recovery Package’ needed to end low pay crisis

unite-white-out-of-redFigures show widening gap between low-paid and higher earners

Unite calls for ‘Wage Recovery Package’ including Minimum Wage increase, enhanced JLCs and new labour rights legislation

March 29th: Commenting on figures showing that over a quarter of all workers are officially described as low-paid, Unite Regional Secretary Jimmy Kelly today (Sunday March 29th) said that Government intervention is crucial to end what he termed “Ireland’s low pay crisis”.  Unite’s latest economic comment, drawing on research from the Nevin Economic Research Institute, is available for download here.

“Not only does Ireland now have a low pay crisis – we also have a widening gap between wages at the bottom, which are falling, and those at the top which are rising.

What wage growth is happening is confined to higher income groups.

“This inequality gap is bad for the workers concerned, bad for society and bad for the economy.

“Unite is calling on the Government to introduce a ‘Wage Recovery Package’ of measures to address the low pay crisis.  This would include raising the Minimum Wage by a Euro to €9.65 per hour, strengthening and extending JLCs, and introducing comprehensive labour rights legislation to bring us into line other EU members.  Such legislation would implement the EU Directive on Part-Time Working, enabling workers to take up extra hours; end exploitative low-hours contracts; and put overtime pay and collective bargaining rights on a statutory footing.

“Addressing the low pay crisis is critical if we are to have a sustainable, wage-led recovery”, Jimmy Kelly concluded.

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1 Response to ‘Wage Recovery Package’ needed to end low pay crisis

  1. Darren Cowzer says:

    Zero hour contracts should also be abolished, people should also be made Permanent after 12 months of working for a company and we need to close loopholes abusing this like letting someone go after 11 months and re-hiring a month later, full time workers should be able to avail of a Top up system too similar to the family income supplement, Job bridge schemes should only operate if the employers actually hire a large % of the interns, companies that abuse the scheme should be heavily fined.


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