Minister Hamilton must intervene to address concerns of industrial workers in Civil Service

unite-white-out-of-redUnite members will not pay the price for a recession they didn’t cause

Monday, February 2nd: Unite Officer with responsibility for the Industrial civil service, Gareth Scott, challenged the DFP Minister, Simon Hamilton, to intervene to address the concerns of the union’s members in the industrial civil service:

“We are balloting our members in the industrial civil service, including the Roads Service, for industrial action on the devastating cuts that are being planned under the budget for 2015. But our members have serious concerns around a number of aspects of management proposals being taken forward under an existing Pay and Grading Review.

“Management proposals will greatly reduce overtime rates which in turn could impact the number of employees who volunteer for Emergency Winter Service. Some of our members’ allowances are also being threatened with a reduction through downward harmonisation with non-industrial allowances or else outright removal.

“To make matters worse, our Road Workers are angered by proposals which would devalue the PU (Productivity Unit) Bonus Scheme.

“This is only the latest in a string of attacks on our members’ pay and terms and conditions which have seen real wages fall by up to 15% over the period since the onset of the recession.

“Unite has deep concerns about proposals which further compound the disadvantaged experienced by our membership. Workers should not have to pay the price for a crisis they didn’t cause. We’re calling for Minister Simon Hamilton to take action now to address their concerns”, Mr Scott concluded.

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