Andor jobs blow completely unjustified

unite-white-out-of-redEighteen workers face redundancy at profitable West Belfast plant

Unite to consult members on response to management  plans

February 13th: Unite Regional Officer, Jackie Pollock expressed his union’s outrage at management proposals at Andor which will see eighteen workers made redundant at their west Belfast plant:

“This decision is completely unjustified in light of the continued profitability of the Belfast plant. The workforce at Andor has displayed a high level of commitment to the company during its transfer to Oxford Instruments and this announcement represents a betrayal of that loyalty.

“This decision reflects the impact of the global downturn on Oxford Instruments, which is highly leveraged as a result of its acquisition activities. It does not reflect the situation in Andor itself which remains highly profitable with a strong demand for its cutting-edge products. The job losses are doubly inexplicable at a time when the plant is more and more reliant on overtime – just this weekend they have again notified the workforce of a possible requirement for overtime working.

“This decision is indefensible. We will be meeting our membership and representatives to discuss our response”, Mr Pollock concluded.

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2 Responses to Andor jobs blow completely unjustified

  1. blunt truth says:

    Sham redundancies targetting those whose face don’t fit. Management refuse to stop overtime which has been offered to those “at risk”! factory open 7 days a week as usual for overtime – redundancies not genuine.

    • We’ve expressed all your views in the media and to the company. The best possible response to this is to raise our membership in the workforce to 100% to ensure fair treatment and fair pay for workers. During the consultation we were fighting to safeguard all eighteen jobs – not just our bargaining unit.

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