Pledge to retain local management team at Derrylin Glass plant welcomed

unite-white-out-of-redPreferred buyer’s intention to upgrade furnace provides assurance as to long-term commitment to plant

Important that transfer process be smooth and positive to secure employment

January 11: Regional Secretary of Unite, Jimmy Kelly, responding to an Aventas press release in relation to the planned disposal of the formerly Quinn Glass plants in Derrylin/Ballyconnell and Elton said:

“Over the weekend, Unite has been engaging constructively to secure commitments for the workforce at the plants in Derrylin/Ballyconnell and Elton. In the absence of a credible, local management bid, it was critical that workers receive assurances as to the long-term commitment of potential bidders.

“We welcome the announcement that the preferred bidder will retain the factory’s local management team and has the significant reserves necessary to upgrade the Derrylin/Ballyconnell furnace. Such an investment provides considerable as surety as to the long-term commitment of the bidder to the plant. We will continue to liaise with all relevant parties throughout the process of transfer.

“Unite has industrial recognition agreements for workers across the former Quinn group and with the decision to split its ownership, we will continue to have a vital role to play in protecting employment and ensuring productive collaborative arrangements are continued into the future.

“Our first and only priority is to defend the job security and benefits of the workforce. It is critical that the transition to new ownership be as smooth and positive as possible to avoid any adverse risks associated with transfer”, Mr Kelly concluded.

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