Five unions seek fundamental rethink on water policy

right2water_frontWater user charges and Irish Water must be scrapped

October 22nd: Five unions representing over 100,000 workers throughout the Republic today (Wednesday 22 October) joined forces to call on the Government to abolish water user charges.  The Communication Workers’ Union, the CPSU, Mandate, OPATSI and Unite the Union are all affiliates of the Right2Water campaign.

The campaign organised the recent National Demonstration which brought 100,000 people onto the streets of Dubin.

In a statement, the unions also said that the credibility of Irish Water had been irrevocably damaged by a combination of mismanagement and political manipulation, and called for the company to be dissolved and its functions returned to the local authorities.

“Our message is very simple:  Irish people have already paid for water through general taxation, and are not prepared to pay for it a second time through water user charges.

“It is clear that neither the Government’s water charges policy, nor Irish Water, can be reformed.

“The time has come for the Government to recognise the overwhelming opposition of the citizens by abolishing water charges, stop wasting further taxpayers’ money on water meter installation, dissolve Irish Water and return its functions to the local authorities, and go back to the drawing board to construct a water management policy which is fit for purpose and respects our Right2Water”, the statement concluded.

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