Recovery is a myth says Unite, pointing to fall in job creation and earnings numbers

unite white out of redInvestment needed to kick-start economy says union leader

August 26th: Responding to CSO figures released this week, Unite today said that the collapse in job creation coupled with year-on-year fall in earnings show that recovery is a myth which is not being felt in working people’s pockets. Regional Secretary Jimmy Kelly was commenting on figures showing that just 5,500 jobs were created during the first six months of 2014, while average weekly earnings have fallen by over one per cent during the past year. At the same time, over 75,000 adults emigrated during the same period.

“This week’s figures confirm what working people have long suspected: recovery is a myth which is not being felt in their pockets.

“On the contrary, just 5,500 jobs were created during the first six month of this year. That amounts to a paltry 212 jobs per week at a time when around 1,500 adults have been emigrating each week.

“And the latest figures show that earnings are continuing to fall.

“These CSO figures tell a story of economic stagnation and continuing human hardship. Despite upbeat projections and rhetoric, there is no recovery in people’s pockets.

“Budget 2015 needs to focus on economic and social investment such as social housing and affordable childcare.  At the same time we need a package of measure to boost the incomes of low earners, starting with an increase in the National Minimum Wage and increases in social protection.  We need an expansionary budget, not a tax-cutting giveaway for high-earners ”, Jimmy Kelly said.





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