Time to repeal Eighth Amendment says Unite ahead of protests

unite white out of redAmendment and subsequent legislation failing women says union

“Irish abortion regime regards woman as incubators”

Speaking as demonstrators across the island prepare to voice their outrage at the treatment of a young rape victim denied an abortion and forced to undergo a Caesarean section, Unite Regional Equalities Officer Taryn Trainor today called on the Irish Government to hold a referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment. Ms Trainor said that the Amendment and subsequent legislation were clearly failing women, and that repeal of the Eight Amendment was a necessary prelude to introducing what she termed “fit for purpose” abortion legislation.

Taryn Trainor’s comments come as more details emerge of the case involving a young rape victim who, despite being suicidal, was refused a termination under the new abortion legislation early on in her pregnancy and who instead underwent a Caeserian section earlier this month.

“During the past few days, as we became aware of the circumstances surrounding the case of this young woman, we have again been confronted with the human consequences of the Eighth Amendment.

“Those women –over 150,000 of them since the Amendment was passed in 1983 – who are financially or physically able to travel can avail of abortion services elsewhere. Other women – those who are financially or physically unable to travel – are subjected to an abortion regime which regards them as little more than incubators.

“Abortion must be de-criminalised and Article 40.3.3 repealed as a first step to enabling women to access safe, legal and affordable terminations in Ireland”, Ms Trainor concluded.





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