Vulnerability of young migrant workers highlighted by Paris Bakery situation says Unite Youth Ireland

Unite Youth IrelandUnion youth section expresses solidarity with workers fighting for back wages

June 4th:  In a statement issued following its June meeting, Unite Youth Ireland today (Wednesday 4th June) said that the situation of former Paris Bakery workers – who are seeking payment of tens of thousands of Euro in back wages owed – highlights the plight of young migrant workers in under-regulated sectors such as hospitality.

“The Paris Bakery owners have been exploiting a legal loophole which allows owners to walk away from a business without paying their workers if they do not formally wind up the enterprise. This loophole has been highlighted by trade unions for some time. Similar issues have arisen in enterprises such as Vita Cortex, La Senza, HMV, Game, Thomas Cook and Connolly Shoes.

“The Paris Bakery workers are mainly young migrants and are thus particularly vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous employers”, Unite Youth Ireland pointed out.

“This legal loophole needs to be closed immediately so that workers are not left high and dry when their employers decide to move on.

“The support for the Paris Bakery workers demonstrated by trade unions and civil society groups such as Migrant Rights Centre Ireland once again shows how important collective solidarity is in vindicating the rights of vulnerable workers”, the statement concluded.

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