Trade unions launch campaign to ‘Save City of Derry Airport’

CODANIPSA and Unite branches unanimously vote to commence ballot for industrial action

Trade union representatives demand that City of Derry Airport Management halt proposals for restructuring at the airport which threatens continued managed decline of the airport.

May 8th: NIPSA organiser, Alan Law, said:

“Representatives of both NIPSA and Unite attended a joint meeting of members which unanimously backed a call for a ballot for industrial action.

“The action will oppose recently announced redundancies at the airport, the failure of management to consult trade unions on the proposals and what we feel is the ongoing managed decline of the airport.

“Our members are concerned that the City of Derry Airport (CODA) will continue their existing management contract with RCAM (Regional & City Airports Management) Ltd. Ratepayers currently pay the management company £360,000 every year (the equivalent of £14 for every ratepayer in the city) but in the last four years of the contract, there has been no increase in flight numbers or volumes to sustain the airport.

“We are particularly concerned that the plans for restructuring will oust the current local airport director from the Management Board and leave the airport completely reliant on RCAM Ltd, who will become increasingly indispensable”, Alan concluded.

Unite Organiser, Gareth Scott, said,

“The ballot for industrial action will begin a wider campaign to save City of Derry Airport, which we believe is being subjected to managed decline. RCAM Ltd has entirely failed to deliver the needed growth in airport user volumes to safeguard its long-term sustainability.

“Our members believe that if RCAM Ltd remains in charge this will inevitably result in the closure of the airport. Our aim is to force Derry City Council to take action and save our airport by getting the appropriate structures in place to grow the business”, Gareth concluded.

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