Unite welcomes new NI blacklisting regulations

unite white out of redUnion hails successful outcome of determined campaign

March 20th: Responding today to the news that Employment and Learning Minister Stephen Farry has approved new regulations making it unlawful to blacklist workers from employment as a result of their union membership or activities, Unite Regional Coordinating Officer Jackie Pollock said the regulations represent an “important step towards rooting out a culture of blacklisting”.

“The right to join and be active in a union of one’s choice is a fundamental human right.  The existence of blacklists, and their use by employers, is an assault on the rights of all workers, and Unite is delighted that the regulations approved today not only make it unlawful to compile or disseminate ‘blacklists’, but also provides recourse for current or former trade union members who have been impacted by such practices.

“Last year, Unite mounted a vigorous and determined campaign to highlight the use of blacklists by certain unscrupulous employers, and ensure that this practice is outlawed.  The regulations approved today represent a successful outcome to that campaign in Northern Ireland.

“Unite will be examining the Regulations in detail during the coming weeks to ensure that they comply with best practice, but in the meantime we would like to congratulate Dr Farry on this important step towards rooting out a culture of blacklisting”, Mr Pollock concluded.

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